Saturday, September 8, 2012


Funny how life works, not funny as in ha ha, but as in strange, hard to figure out. A little over a year ago my husband had a heart attack. He survived after having a 6 by-pass surgery. Iam very lucky he survived. Iam even more aware of that today. On September 7, my dear friend, Julie, lost her husbad to cancer of the brain. He was diagnosed just 7 months ago. I feel several emotions, sad, lucky, blessed, and maybe even a little quilty. I know I have no reason to feel quilty, but knowing we cheated death and David did not is hard.

David was a very special man. When Julie first started dating David I didn't like him. As time went on I realized it wasn't him but the fear of losing Julie to a different life style. Needless to say I did not lose her but gained a new friend. David was the kind of man that respected women. He was a good friend. I knew I could count on David for any thing I might need.  he has been a good husband for Julie. Not only did he take good care of her but he expanded her horizon beyond.

David, you are missed already. Life will go on but never so fast that we don't take a moment to think of you. We love you.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life Repeats Itself

     I recieved a texted picture from Sarah today. Sweet little Clara spilled 4 1/2 containers of Benjamin's formula on th efloor and mixed it with water. Sarah had mother's daze day.
     I remembered my mother's daze. ......I had 4 children, Scott , Brian, Laura and Jason. The latter two being 3 & 4 years old. We had gone grocery shopping, after carrying in all the sacks, Laura asked for cereal to eat. Telling her if daddy worked late I would let them have cereal for dinner. A very special cereal, Wheaties, the cereal of the Champains. At that time it was a big time cereal. She wasn't sure that was a good idea. Me, I had laundry downstairs waiting to be be switched to the dryer, so I was on my way. As mothers we have many duties to complete. When I went back upstairs, to my surprise, there was Laura, holding a broom with Jason sitting in the midst of Wheaties. The floor was covered with Wheaties, the intire box. I clenched my teeth (which I still do), and screamed (which I no longer do), "What are you doing?" Laura quickly responed, "There no good mommy, there's no wainins in them." 
      You see life repeats itself. Mothers of all times have thier mother's daze.   I just love it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Doo

2012 is going to be a great year and I have a new doo to start the year out right. I understand Sarah just got the same cut as me and she has the same cut as her daughter. How kool is that? Emmalynne Mae we have the same hair doo. Aren't we cute!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thinking Twice

Today was my first and maybe the last doctor appointment of the new year. I have had these sore hands for along time and recently my middle finger, on the right hand, has what is called "trigger finger." Plus my thumb on the left hand was, so I thought jammed, while pulling my blankets up over my shoulders 4 months ago.

So today I went to see the doctor who fixed my broken arm. I still have tennis elbow. My arm and wrist are so sore that it was hard to hold 6 week old Kate. Dr. Britt decided that I need therapy, again, for my right elbow, nothing can be done for the sore right arm and wrist, thats due to the 2 year old break. He suggested a steroid shot in the thumb and finger. And xrays of both hands, the wrist, and elbow.

This is were I began to think twice about seeing doctors ever again. The steroid shots in my fingers hurt so bad but I have a high pain tollerance so I can handle it. Right? Wrong!!!!
While at the hosiptal the thumb started hurting and hurting. Tears were ready to flow. My poor thumb was swelling. I couldn't let it below my heart or it throbbed like a dickens.

So the smart thing to do was stop by the doctors office on the way to my car and ask if this is normal. Dr. Britt said it will feel better in a few days. As he holds the tip of my thumb and wiggles it back and forth, the tears rolled along with some sounds that resembled me blubbering. Yes I cried! It hurt so bad. There was only one thing to do.

I went home tried ice, not working, took a pain pill, not working, got in the hot tub which was at 105 degrees, better, but to hot to stay in very long. Took another pain pill and went to bed. After a nap and another 3 hours the swelling was down. Now only one thing could make me feel better. Shopping. Yes, I went to Walmart. I am almost back to normal.  

2012 Yes It Is!

This year I hope will bring about some positive changes in myself. No. I am not starting any New Years Resolutions. I have just been working hard on changing myself. I carry my heart on my shoulders and find it gets hurts way to easy and usually for the wrong reasons. I have also found that turning sixty has come with some health issues that I don't want so its time, past time I might add, to make some changes.

I have started 2012 almost 25 lbs lighter. I plan on another 25 by July. As for the weight on my shoulder, well, its time to live for myself. i spend way to much time trying to please others at my own expence. Don,t get me wrong I enjoy doing for others. I just have to do it for the right reasons. And not wxpect anything in return, even though its nice to recieve once in a while.

This year I want to put more into becoming one with Ed. I almost lost him in 2011 to a heart attack. We have so much to accomplish before either of us leaves this earth. So, we are concentrating on each other more. We are still in the paper work stage but we are going to be temple workers. It will be so nice to serve the Lord together. We started unofficially in December. It has been a real blessing already.

so as you can see I have my work cut out for me. changing oneself is hard. I have given my children wings, and boy did they fly, now I will fly (a little higher and freely. Welcome 2012!!!