Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Really!

Can it really be 2011? I believe time is going by much faster than it use to. Not sure how it happens with all the complaints from the adults. Children even comment that time is traveling so fast. I know time is slipping away. Jared will be 14 this summer and Rachel and Zach will be 13. Even Jackson and Clara will be 2 by this fall. Even Ed will be turning 67 in just a little over a month. Iam still 29 so how is all this happening. The stars must be rotating out of control. At any rate we have started 2011 with excitment. I have a lot of plans for the summer. Trips to Williamsburg, VA.; Charolette, N.C.; Huntersville, N.C.; Seattle, WA.; Holabird, S.D.; and of course LeClaire, IA. And all of this before school starts up in the fall. I still don't see how time can fly so fast. Any way, Happy New Year to All. May God bless you with all you need and a little of what you want.