Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I" been tagged.

At my age I haven't played tag in a very long time. The rules have changed. Lets see how random and weird this is.
#1 weird and random- Is anything in life random? There are weird things going on. When I get overly tired I lose my voice. Today I was in an IEP meeting, every time I tried to talk, one lady would cock her head as I tried to speak. She looked funnier than I sounded.
#2 weird and random- I love spending time with people. Watching and talking to people is one of my favorite things to do. Yes I know that isn't weird, but I love living alone. Why? How can you love being with people and yet love living alone? I love being with people. BUT I LOVE LIVING ALONE.
#3 weird and random- I have 7 scars on my stomach. I don't mind. You can barely see them through all the strech marks. Kids do teh darnest thing to you.
#4 weird and random- I am married to a Wallis, my best friend was born a Wallace. My second child was born Dec 28th ,her second child was born Dec 28th. My last child was born Nov 16th, her lasr child was born Nov 16th. My brother died by an accident in 1973 and her brother died in an accident in 1973. My sister was born May 12th, her sister was born May 12th. My son's birthday is June 4th, her husbands birthday is June 4th. My birthday is Nov, Her birthday is Nov. I love her she loves me!
#5weird and random- I have been a den mother, a girl scout leader, a sunday school president, a sunday school teacher, a primary teacher, a young womens leader, a primary president, a member of the relief society presidency, a sophomore sponsor, a yearbook sponsor. And now Iam a, TIRED!!
#6 weird and random- One of my greatest blessings in life is when my mother died in my arms. I started this life in my mothers arms and she left in mind.
#7 weird and random- Iam the oldest of my siblings but I feel younger than they all look. But!! Iam still TIRED!!!!

Now Iam supossed to tag someone. Who hasn't been tagged? I tag you all.
Just list 7 weird and or random things about yourself. And then tag more people. Is that right?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

One full week of Birthday

As I finished an education conference in Mount Vernon, Il on Nov. 1st, I thought of my birthday that was coming in just 4 days. My brother has a birthday five days after mine. He has always been very special to me. So I decided to throw us a party. I had called everyone that is anyone and announced, " I'm having a potluck-weiner roast for David and myself on the 8th. That should have been the bjig day. The 5th wasn't going to be anything special. The 8th was to the day! But when I returned home, opened my front door, right there in front of me was my grandchildren. They were in their Halloween costumes. They were cute little kittens. But who was the baby? Who was the gjirl holding teh baby? Oh my gosh it was Sarah, Oh my gosh, the baby is Emmalynne! And Laura, she standing right next to Sarah. All I could do was say, "Sarah is you! Laura you are where!" Then the tears began to flow. What a surprise!! My daughters drove all the way from N. C. just to spend my bjirthday with me. Iam still in shock. All that way with a 5 month old, a 2 year old and my two oldest grandsons, Jared and Zach. They were here on till friday, the 7th. We had so much fun. I kept forgetting about the birthday party I was throwing myself. If that wasn't enough a perfect birthday, my best friend, Julie and her husband David, came for my party on Friday. Saturday came and so did 30 of my family members. Of course it was David's party too. But I was so happy that Iam still on a natural high. NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN FAMILY.