Monday, June 14, 2010

Where Does Time Go

Oh my! I have been married for 42 years. My son turned 39 years old. How can that be? I am only 29 years old. Really!! I went to girls camp this past week. Surrounded by some 75 girls ages 12 to 18 showed me I was not 29 any more. I can get by the years of marriage and even my own children flying past 29 but these girls were something else. The heat was unbareable, the late "noisey"nights were long and I lost alot of energy. I have been sleeping for 3 days to regroup. The slip and slide down the hill into the mud was fun but my body could only take one trip down. Wisconsin Dells will find me sitting with the babies most of the time.
Truely I tend to think young but my body tells my brain to mind my age for I have little engery. Do you have the problem of too many projects? Well that is how my life is; I want to do all kinds of things that my poor brain tells me to. I am crazy. When I do it any way my body takes revenge. Maybe I am not 29 any more, maybe I need to remember I am going to be 59 years old, boy is that old! I believe you are only as old as you feel, but I don't want to feel 59.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

Mothers day has always been a day to enjoy. I remember making gifts and cards in school for my mom. In my adult years I tried to buy her gifts that would make her happy. Now she has passed on and all I can do is think of her and wish I could see her, talk to her, hug her, and tell her how much I love her. For now those times are gone. I must look at myself as a mother and my daughters as mothers and wonder if I had an influence on their motherhood. I know my mom influenced the way I was a mom, so Iam sure I have influenced my daughters. At any rate another Mothers Day has come and gone. More memories have flooded my heart and I am grateful to be a mom and a grandma. One of the greatest gifts God has given me. Happy Mothers Day, Mom.

Friday, January 8, 2010


A new year is upon us. As my husband retires this year, as I have broken my wrist, as I sub verses teaching my own class, as days go by turning into years, I reflect.

I reflect upon my days, the good and the bad.

The good. Remembering the fun days, the days that warm my heart and water my eyes. Those days were filled with family and friends. I can't bring up a memory that is with out them. I remember my dad pulling us down the country road with a tractor, us on an old car hood. The snow was deep and so was the homemade sled with me, my siblings, and the neighbor kids. We pushed each other off, we ran to catch up, we laughed, and did it all over again.

I remember my dads' sister, Dorthory Kruger, and her family coming over on Saturday nights for dinner, dancing out in the yard, and playing "ditch" a form of hide n seek, after dark. She had eight kids we had seven. WE had a blast.

I remember birthdays filled with more love than presents, Christmas filled with people and food, late nights at the drive in movies. We laughed and laughed. There are more of the happy memories many to private to share, but they all had something in common, family and friends.

I remember a special friend that taught me I had worth. One that laughed with me and cried with me. Helping me to become the person I am today.

The bad. I remember mom and dad fighting, I remember waking up to a cold house with the coal stove even colder. The teachers in the schools mean to kids who lived in Hawbuck. Family members abusing children in many ways.

I remember all of this and much more. All memories are filled with good and bad but the memories have all the people I love. Family from my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins too. Friends from childhood, friends from the years all are special.

Life continues to evolve. Life evoles no matter what. Maybe thats alright. The best part of the evoltion is family and freinds. They are always there, from on egeneration to another. God, thank you so much for amily. Thank you so much for being our Heavenly Father, now and for ever.