Monday, June 10, 2013

Life has Changed Again

Life has changed again, we now live in North Carolina. During our 45 years of marriage, we have lived in many places. In 1968, we lived in Danville, Il for 2 months. In August we moved to Coraville, Ia. Ed started his graduate work at University of Iowa. We lived in a duplex for a while, then moved to Tiffin, Ia. Ed taught hgh school in nearby Oxford and I continued my schooling in Cedar Rapids. After about a year we bought a house in Iowa City. During our time there I finished high school, Ed recieved his masters and doctorate in education, and we started our family, Scott Edward was born (1971).

When Ed recieved his degree, he accepted a teaching position at Mt. Senerio College in Ladysmith, Wis. We built a house and lived there for 1 1/2 years. While expecting our 2nd child we drove to Alaska for a summer vacation. When we came home, we moved to Vermilion, S.D. where Ed was a professor at the U of S.D.where Brian Edward was born.

At the age of 9 weeks, we moved Brian and  his brother to Ethete, Wy. where Ed was the superintendant/principal of the Wind River Indian  High School. We lived on the Wind River Indian Reservation for 2 years, that being 1975. We moved to Lander, Wy.  Ed left education and joined he life insurance world. That year, 1975 is also the year we joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. In 1976, Laura Elizabeth joined our family. She must have had a friend that could not live without her, as Jason Edward was born one year later (1977). We lived in Lander untill 1982.

We left Lander with me 5 mo pregnant with Sarah Elizabeth. She was born in Cheyene,Wy. Cheyenne gave Ed the opportunity to be a District Mananger.
Sarah spent her 2nd birthday in our new home, Long Grove, Ia. Ed transferred with Equitable Life Insurance, this enabled us to be closer to his parents, we were able to assist them in their last days. 

1992 found us moving to Danville, Il. Ed lost his job with Equitable. He took a shot at a his own buisness for the third time I might add. I will talk of those in another post. Life was hard in Danville for all of us. Scott was on his mision, Brian tried living on his own, Laura & Jason graduated from high school and started their lives.

1997 Ed got a job in education again. He was a dean at Mac Arthur High School. Sarah graduated from high school, I went back to school and got my degree in special education. Sarah left to live her own life. We were left with an empty nest.

2013 came with Ed in retirerment (by 2 years) and me retired the last of 2012. We were quite done living without any of our children around. Scott & Brian living in Seattle, Laura & Sarah living in N.C, and Jason in Texas.

We prayed as where we should live and by the girls was the answer. So here we are in Charlotte, N.C. There may or may not be any more moves for us, but I can tell you this...the best place to live is where you are at this very moment.