Monday, June 22, 2009

North Carolina in June

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to visit my children. As of this month, visiting my girls in N.C. is the thing to do. I have renewed my relationship with Laura's' 3 children, Jared (soon to be 12), Zach (11 in Oct), and Megan (3 in Sept). How fun! Megan has been so much fun especially when she plays with one of my 4 new pets. Megan will hold Cherrie for hours, putting her in the baby stroller and pushing her around the house. Smokey Gravy, Crooked Tail, and White Sauce are glad its not them. No, this is not any thing from the menu, its my new girls, 4 beautiful Fancy Rats. Sarah found them for me on Craig's List. They came with one very grouchy rat. She did not stick around for more than one day, especially when the pet store discovered she was a he. Consequently, I may be having alot of new babies. Zach thought they would make good food for his Bearded Dragon. I hope there will be no babies. We'll see! Sarah's' daughter, Emmalynne celebrated her first birthday on the 6th. She knew exactly how to celebrate. My adventures continue until the 6th of July. I will be sure to enjoy being a grandma with lots of adventures.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Their are NO Winners

Divorce is a terrible thing. Some people are just not meant to be together. They part and life goes on; but when children are sad. When my son and his wife divorced it was extremely sad. Children just can't understand. If the parents don't emotionaly support the children in all ways they have an even harder time understanding. That seems to be the case for my granddaughters. I love them very much. They will never hear me speak bad of their mother. She is the best mother they will ever have and they love her with all of their hearts. And that is the way it should be.
I am proud of my son for taking all of the verbal abuse that has come his way without playing the dirty game. It does make me sad to see lies being told. The girls share with me comments that are being said but can't express that they don't like it or they are made to feel bad for loving their dad. Why must adults act worse than children? The children can set a good example to follow.
As the girls get older they will look back and remember who did what, who said what and be able to judge for themselves. They are smart girls and I trust they will come to understand what has really happened. The truth will come out.
If you are in a divorce; please try to put your anger away. Don't let divorce hurt children any more than it has to.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Moving on!

Life in Danville is once again coming to an end. How many times must we live through a phase? I guess until we learn the lesson that is in store for us. The question is: is the lesson the same each time. I have lived in Danville three seperate times. The first time I was born here. My life was formulated here. It set me on the road for where I now sit. The second time was truely meant to be. That one helped me reach the point where I could let go of the hold my parents had on me. I began to grip myself. And now, once again Iam living in Danville. Here Iam living alone, if living next to my son, Jason and his family, is being alone. Ed is still in Deatur, waiting for my return. I have officially announced my withdraw as a teacher at North Ridge Middle School for the 09/2010 school year. I am moving back to Decatur when school is out. Its hard to explain why I am here alone. Its just something I had to do. Its just as hard to explain why this time is coming to an end. I like being able to spend time with my extended family and I like being alone. But its time to leave. I can't say (at this time) what I have learned. That is not for sharing at this point. It funny how things come to an end where they began. The lessons we learn in life can help us for a moment. a life time, or even an eternity. I have experienced all three and all three will be with me for eternity.