Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'am Still Here

To quote my daughter, "I have nothing to say that is cute and clever like Lauras'." I must say though that although our governors have been getting alot of national "negative" publicity, they are doing something special for us....Making our licence plates. Oh well someone must do it.
I love Christmas music. I play it night and day. My students are getting tired of it though. But I don't care I'AM THE TEACHER!!!! Vacation is comingsoon and my husband and I will be going to Branson, Mo. for a week. All alone. That will be nice. But for now Iam still at school, its 5:35. At 7:00 I will taking pictures of our school Music Concert, with I might add my new Nikon 60. What a kool camera.
Well I stayed here so I could get some paper work done. So I will close for now.
Have the Best Holiday Season Ever.