Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life Repeats Itself

     I recieved a texted picture from Sarah today. Sweet little Clara spilled 4 1/2 containers of Benjamin's formula on th efloor and mixed it with water. Sarah had mother's daze day.
     I remembered my mother's daze. ......I had 4 children, Scott , Brian, Laura and Jason. The latter two being 3 & 4 years old. We had gone grocery shopping, after carrying in all the sacks, Laura asked for cereal to eat. Telling her if daddy worked late I would let them have cereal for dinner. A very special cereal, Wheaties, the cereal of the Champains. At that time it was a big time cereal. She wasn't sure that was a good idea. Me, I had laundry downstairs waiting to be be switched to the dryer, so I was on my way. As mothers we have many duties to complete. When I went back upstairs, to my surprise, there was Laura, holding a broom with Jason sitting in the midst of Wheaties. The floor was covered with Wheaties, the intire box. I clenched my teeth (which I still do), and screamed (which I no longer do), "What are you doing?" Laura quickly responed, "There no good mommy, there's no wainins in them." 
      You see life repeats itself. Mothers of all times have thier mother's daze.   I just love it.

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