Monday, January 9, 2012

Thinking Twice

Today was my first and maybe the last doctor appointment of the new year. I have had these sore hands for along time and recently my middle finger, on the right hand, has what is called "trigger finger." Plus my thumb on the left hand was, so I thought jammed, while pulling my blankets up over my shoulders 4 months ago.

So today I went to see the doctor who fixed my broken arm. I still have tennis elbow. My arm and wrist are so sore that it was hard to hold 6 week old Kate. Dr. Britt decided that I need therapy, again, for my right elbow, nothing can be done for the sore right arm and wrist, thats due to the 2 year old break. He suggested a steroid shot in the thumb and finger. And xrays of both hands, the wrist, and elbow.

This is were I began to think twice about seeing doctors ever again. The steroid shots in my fingers hurt so bad but I have a high pain tollerance so I can handle it. Right? Wrong!!!!
While at the hosiptal the thumb started hurting and hurting. Tears were ready to flow. My poor thumb was swelling. I couldn't let it below my heart or it throbbed like a dickens.

So the smart thing to do was stop by the doctors office on the way to my car and ask if this is normal. Dr. Britt said it will feel better in a few days. As he holds the tip of my thumb and wiggles it back and forth, the tears rolled along with some sounds that resembled me blubbering. Yes I cried! It hurt so bad. There was only one thing to do.

I went home tried ice, not working, took a pain pill, not working, got in the hot tub which was at 105 degrees, better, but to hot to stay in very long. Took another pain pill and went to bed. After a nap and another 3 hours the swelling was down. Now only one thing could make me feel better. Shopping. Yes, I went to Walmart. I am almost back to normal.  

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